Saturday, July 24, 2010

Erastus 8th 4708

Unrest grips the youthful Barony of Eternya, as the posts of Baron, Spymaster, and Magister are left vacant by the deaths of the charter bearers. A new group is sent by the Sword Lords to restore order. The priestess Maggy, ranger Zett, and wizard Nick O. Deemus arrive, and claim the posts of Baron, Magister & Spymaster. They order houses built, and an Inn erected. The Inn is named "The hungry Tatzlewurm", its sign a lizard chewing on a bone. Over the next year, more lands are claimed. Dwellings and farms spring up. A local artist erects a statue on the site of the town pyre, commemorating the deeds of the founding fathers. The gold mine becomes a source of revenue and taxes are levied. A scandal stirs the town, as Councilor Eudon and High Preist Kavken vie for the affections for local flirt Lily Teskertin. Farms are established, followed by a food surplus. The nobles of houses Surotova and Lodovka begin feuding over land rights.

Wanderlust affects the new rulers, so they set off to find the fangberry thicket. They discover it shrouded in webs, infested by chew spiders. Spymaster Zett uses his woodlore to calm the spiders long enough for him to gather a bushel of the berries. He is torn and frayed by the thorns of the berry bushes, but comes out with enough of the fruit to satisfy the needs of Bokken the mad. On the way back north, they stumble on the lair of Tuskgutter. A large and unruly boar, he is quickly slain by the group. They collect his head and continue north, exploring the abandoned Thorn River camp on the way. They deliver the head of Tuskgutter to Oleg's trading post, and the berries to Bokken at his hut.

They travel south then, to map and explore. They find a cache of Wizardly gear under an old claw like tree. At a ruined crossing, a shambling revenant of one of the Stag Lords victims rises. He demands the remains of the bandit king. They return to Staghome, because that's where the knaves head is on display. Upon arriving, they discover a Werewolf has eaten two of the townsfolk. They track and subdue him, intending to cure him. Wolvesbane is procured from Bokken, which after two painful applications cures Kundal the barbarian of his affliction. He grants his saviors a magical great axe, and pledges to become a responsible citizen.

They then travel back to Nettle's crossing and dump the head of the Stag lord in the river. The revenant, now freed and greatful gives them his enchanted ransuer. They explore more of the region, and spend time governing the young Barony.

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