Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Erastus 13th, 4709

The Baroness Maggy and company head back to Staghome for a quick rest before finishing off the Elven ruins. In town she meets up with Grathis, Eudon, Zett & newcomer Manservant Julian Carlton. The fighting butler isn't the only new face in town. A rabble rouser named Grigori has been speaking out against the rulers of Eternia. He claims their negligence has led to increased monster attacks & that they use the peoples wealth for their own gain. They respond to this by arguing with him publicly, then locking him up in his room at the inn. They interrogate him with a zone of truth, discovering that he is an agent of a foreign power. He is stripped of all his possessions and left in custody. They give an Elven statue to Lily Teskertin, who rewards them with cash and gratitude.

They set out to explore the next day, leaving Grigori locked up in town. They meet a group of loggers who have angered a nixie in the woods to the west. The lumberjacks had cut down five ancient coachwood trees around her pond. She retaliated by charming two of them to defend the rest of the grove. The party helps them come to a compromise. The loggers are to go harvest trees to the north, and the party is to set off to obtain five replacement trees from a nearby dryad. Once the group meets the dryad, she asks them to go kill the scythe tree. It has a taste for dryad flesh, and soon it will come for her. They reluctantly agree, fearing the malevolent plant. They make short work of the tree, and recover the treasure it was keeping under its roots.

The party returned to the dryad for her reward, then to the nixie. She frees the charmed lumberjacks. Both fey agree to watch the borders of Eternia, granting stability to the tiny barony. They then travel to the Elvish ruins to finish exploring. Inside, they are harassed by a quickling. His speed makes him almost impossible to hit. Grathis rashly entered the main tower alone. At the top he encountered a Baobhan Sidhe called "the dancing lady". She used her whiles to enchant him to attack the rest of the party, laying Eudon low with his great axe. The heroes engage in a grueling fight, with Grathis chopping them from one side, and the quickling sneak attacking them from the other. Grathis eventually shook off the enchantment. In rage, he spun around and beheaded the lady. Her severed head attempted to put a curse on him, but failed. They collected the treasures of the ruins and set off back to town.

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