Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pharast 6, 4708

The party, now consisting of Phineus, Karasu, and the bloody head of the slain priest of Asmodeus further explore the Stolen lands. On the second day of their mapping, they encounter another Tatzlwurm. Remarking on how often they meet them despite their supposed rarity, they swiftly dispatch it. On the next day they return to Oleg's trading post. There they meet a new charter bearer, Ekir Atarus. A cleric of Gorum, god of battle, a deity with a much more pleasing portfolio than the prince of darkness.

They set out, and for the next two weeks explore the surrounding plains. To the east, they make the acquaintance of Bokken. He is a slightly mad hermit who brews potions. A rare ingredient is required for his brewing, fangberries. The party agrees to keep their eyes out for some. He also mentions a CRAZIER brother of his that lives far to the south. In their travels, they also slay two boars and a brush thylacine (tasmanian wolf).

After returning to the post to resupply, the party sets out to explore again. The next four days would prove disastrous. While charting an expanse of prairie, they are set upon by three hungry trolls. Deeming themselves outmatched, the party sets fire to the brush and runs as fast as they can. On sore feet, they return to the post to buy mounts. Two horses with tack and a braying ass are purchased. Newly mounted, the group sets off south to look for bandits.

They find the bandits, and are quickly routed. The party flees to a hail of arrows and taunts. They try to sneak back in to the camp hours later, only to be discovered and chased away again. They return to town to resupply, and discuss seeking weaker prey. It is decided that they try to find the troublesome mites and take out their frustration on them.

The first stop on their quest is to go to the moon radish patch and see if they can find any signs of kobolds. Not sure of where the kobold or the mite lair is, they plan on using a kobold as a guide. The four week old corpses of the kobolds they had slain the last time they were there acted as a kobold deterrent though. They then set off into the hills, only to run across the old sycamore the next day. Their first kobold captive had mentioned that the mites dwell in one such tree.

They find a hole in the roots of the tree, just big enough to squeeze down. First they toss down a vial of alchemists fire. This produces a puff of smoke and painful squeals from below. They then shimmy down the root lined hole to find 2 charred mites. They explore further, and in no time find and kill mites, a huge whip tail centipede, and the leader of the mites riding a giant tick. The tick latched on to Ekir, draining his blood to the point of unconsciousness. Phineus, Karasu, and a kobold they had rescued from the mights fought on. The mite leader Grabble was slain, and an idol stolen from the kobolds recovered. On Pharast 29, the party, now with a second captive kobold, returned to Oleg's trading post.

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  1. LoL Mick Mack's not a captive, he's a side kick kobold! Every rogue needs a side kick to flank for them!