Monday, June 7, 2010

Calistril 24th, 4708

At the northern borders of the Stolen Lands, Hakak the 1/2 orc brigand, Joseph "Suedomsa" Surotova the priest of Asmodeus, Phineas Arc the dwarvish mage and Karasu Tori the Tengu rogue met at Oleg's trading post. They all held charters tasking them with exploring and ridding the environs of bandits.

Soon after arriving the proprietors of the post begged them to deal with a group that had been taking all the posts stock. They agreed, and at dawn the next day slew all four and hung them from the south wall. Afterwords, they rested two days, for the orc had been sorely wounded by arrows. Once he had healed, they went south to explore.

In the plains to the south, they encountered a foul Tatzlewurm, which they swiftly dispatched. Upon returning to the post, they met Kesten Garess, a guardsman who had been sent to protect the fort, with 3 men-at-arms.

The next day they set out to find a patch of moon radish, at the request of Oleg's wife. Due south, in a clearing in the woods, they found them. They also found four gluttonous kobolds, laying around moaning after eating too many tubers. They killed three and enslaved the fourth.

When they returned to the post with the radishes, they met the priest Jhod Kavken. He tasked them with finding a nearby temple of Erastil, that had fallen to disuse. Suedomsa planned on murdering this cleric as soon as possible.

On the fifth day of Pharast they found the temple to the south, and while Hakak was away voiding his bowels, they faced the enraged grizzly bear that dwelt in the shrine. It disemboweled their pet kobold, but soon after fell to a hail of magic missiles and arrows. When the grizzly lay down dead, it transformed into an old man, then a pile of bones. The pool of algae and stagnant water in front of the shrine became crystal clear. So Suedomsa decided to dump unholy water into it. This vexed Karasu, so she ran him through with her short sword, as Phineas blasted him with magic missiles.

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