Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lamashtan 18, 4710

The baroness Maggy decides to return to Staghome, so sets off from the stockade at Varnhold. On route, she is bush wacked by a pair of misguided Spriggan, who are quickly put to death. Back at Staghome, the kingdom claims the ford in which the village of Tatzleford is planned. A tavern is built in town. Julian Carlton tires of being rejected by the ex witch Violet Rottdrak, so he buries her alive in the town cemetery.

The Baroness, Butler Carlton and Councilor Eudon set off east to find the Nomen centaurs, hopefully to make a treaty with. On the way, they slay a Manticore, clear a field of spider lairs, and run from a Bullette that dwelt in the Blood Furrows. They stumble upon a party of centaur outriders, who react poorly to overtures of peace. The centaurs chase them off Nomen lands with shouts and arrows. Undaunted, they try again, this time entering the centaur camp. They show the Priestess of the tribe a war bow, Skybolt. They found it on the spriggan boss of Varnhold. In exchange for the bow, she agrees to ally with them. Before they leave, she asks them to find her daughter, and tells them about the legendary haunted graveyard she might be in.

At the ancient burial site, they fight a zombie cyclops. Turns out the graves are all in cyclopian too. At the far end of the grave filled valley, is a tall stair leading into the mountain. Halfway up, a smoky demonic beastie tears into councilor Eudon, but is beaten back. The group returns to Staghome to recuperate and rest.

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