Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sarenth 11, 4710

The triumphant heroes return to Staghome to spend some time ruling Eternya. A forest glade is claimed on the western border, and the environs around Bokkens hut as well. A famous poet spends some time in "The Hungry Tatzlewyrm" and an extraordinary Tinker shop is erected. Its unique architecture brings curious visitors from nearby kingdoms.

A new charter arrives, sending the Baroness, Councilor Eudon & Manservant Carlton to the east. News from nearby Varnhold has ceased, and the Swordlords of Restov fear the worst. The group travels east, through a mountain pass. They arrive at Varnhold to find it abandoned. No signs of struggle or conflict is evident. A hungry giant feral hog is defeated, and a river dwelling Chuul is talked into leaving. A gang of Spriggans were found to be squatting in the empty town. The crew find them holed up in the stockade overlooking town. They gain access through the roof and kill every Spriggan they see.

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