Monday, September 6, 2010

Roval 17, 4709

Baroness Maggie, Spymaster Zett & manservant Julian Carlton arrive back to Staghome by boat, only to find it in flames! The stunned townsfolk inform them that a rabid owlbear rampaged through, tearing up the cemetery and a few dwellings. They are upset, and a little bewildered that a beast would come in and tear up a new cemetery. Zett prays and meditates a day, to get a new horse companion to replace the one recently killed by a drakes breath.

They head south, following the obvious devastation caused by the owlbear. On the way, at an old ford crossing, they stumble upon a smoldering homestead. In a near by grove of trees, an angry shambling mound waits, ready to kill any thing it sees. They destroy the heap of vegetation, and explore the ruined home of a gnomish locksmith, recovering his collection of fine locks.

The owlbears lair is discovered, and the beast killed. It was wearing part of a suit of barding, and it's dead mate and cubs were inside the cave. The party rescued one hooting infant, and discovered a map showing the lair and Staghome on a dead barbarian within. They return to Staghome, and are greeted with cheers and accolades, for killing the beast.

Over the next 10 months they stay in town, expanding the kingdom and Staghome. A herbalist shop, a house, a stable, a baker, and a new graveyard were founded. A serial killer was apprehended, and Grathis was caught in the bed of Grand Diplomat Svetlana. A pack of rabid Worgs were threatening the borders of the barony, so the party set out to dispatch them.

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