Monday, September 6, 2010

Arodus 27, 4709

The party returns to town, delivering the charred skull of Howl-of-the-north-wind. It is put on display in front of the town inn. A graveyard is founded just outside of town. A new charter arrives, tasking the rulers of Eternya with chasing off a gang of Trolls. Crackjaw the killer turtle is hunted down and slain in his lair. The mud bowl is explored, wherein a patch of black rattle cap mushrooms are found. Also there is a hideously large carnivorous plant called Tendriculous. It swallows a couple of party members whole, one of which was the butler Carlton. He lets loose a "Qualls tree token" inside it, bursting it asunder.

A miserable wandering hill giant named Munguk is found. Communication with him is difficult, but The Magister Deemous slowly begins to understand Giantish. He tells them about trying to join the Troll gang and being rejected. They use this information to set out to find and kill these Trolls. On the way they kill an Elk, and encounter a green drake that kills two of their horses with its poisonous breath.

The Troll lair is located, in a hidden ancient Dwarvish out post. The party starts the assault by throwing fireballs through the arrow slits. They continue the raid by dousing as many of the Trolls with alchemists fire and spells as possible. The Troll boss is slain. As the party starts to travel home, they see devestation and torn up fields. Off in the distance, they see smoke and fire engulfing Staghome.

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